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What do I have to do prior to my departure?

Send your application form and other required documents by the deadline specified for the semester that you would like to attend as an exchange student.

Expect an official acceptance letter from Bilkent University.

Apply for the student visa.

Arrange your accommodation in Ankara.

Plan to arrive in Ankara no later than the day before orientation program begins.

Inform the Office of Exchange Programs about your arrival date.

Prepare 4 passport size recent photographs.

Plan to bring around 200-250 TL in cash for your initial expenses.

If you are using a medicine on a regular basis please check the availability of your medicine in Turkey, and do not hesitate to contact the Office of Exchange Programs to ask if you can bring semester- long medicine supply with you. Also, learn more about the procedure you need to follow for refilling your prescription here in Turkey.

Don’t forget to pack;
Light clothing items for summer (from May to October) and heavy coats and boots for winter (from November to April)

You are advised to read some books and journals about Turkey and Turkish Culture.

What do I have to do upon my arrival in Bilkent, Ankara?

Inform the Office of Exchange Programs about your arrival as soon as possible and;

  • Submit the photocopy of your passport (ID page and student visa page) to international student advisor
  • Pick up your Bilkent ID Card
  • Get your e-mail address and password
  • Get your welcome bag

Please carefully read the information provided you with your welcome bag.

Call home to inform your family of your safe arrival.

Attend the Orientation Program.

Finalize your study plan.

Fill-out the forms and return the documents for residence permit to the Office of Exchange Programs on time.

What do I have to do before leaving Bilkent, Ankara?

Return all the books to the Library.

Inform the Office of Exchange Programs of your departure date.

Do not forget to take your documentation needed for your home institution.

Return your Dormitory keys.

Make sure to pay all your fees before you leave.

Close your e-mail account.

Close your Bank account.

Submit the Evaluation Form to the Office of Exchange Programs.

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